December 3, 2009

Window Glitz

Giving my windows some Christmas glitz is one of my favorite things to do while decorating my home.

It's simple and easy and I love how glamorous it makes the whole room feel.

Using beaded gardland, ribbon and a few glittered ornaments I drapped and wrapped them unto my curtain rod to create this glitz delight.

Sorry the photo is so horrible I can't seem to get around the glare, here's a side view.

And of course I had to give the dinning room window a little glitz also.

So if your looking to add a little sparkle to your room give this a try - it's fun and easy.

Until tomorrow. Robin


  1. Oh I love this! It's a twist on the traditional garland but still glitzy and festive. Very cool!

  2. Hi Robin! You're so right about the glare...I hung a noel banner up in my bay window and I couldn't get away from the glare either and not a one picture turned out good...I think yours actually turned out pretty darn great! And I can clearly see your window glitz up is beautiful!!!

    :) T

  3. Darlin, that's not a bad photo... that's a beautiful glow. Love the beaded garland. Of course, you just cant go wrong with beads and sparkle.

  4. Neat idea, Robin! Thanks for sharing...


    Sheila :-)


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