January 20, 2010

Momma Don't Rhyme

NOTE:  This is a silly post, sorry.

Let’s face it - - I’m not a rhymer. I’m in awe of those who have the gift. Oh sure, I’ve mastered 1st grade rhyming like . . .

Cat and Hat, Mat and Rat. . . but that’s it.

Ask me for a “grown up” rhyme and something strange happens…

I get that deer in the headlight look. . .

My poor brain struggles for a word, but instead one brain cell at a time it all goes numb…

It becomes like a deep void, a faint echo saying “ think…think…think…” can be heard…

Then it’s over and I’ve got nothing!

Imagine my surprise this morning while talking to Ms. Z when a rhyme just slipped out.

I stopped in my tracks, said it again, then proceeded to do little happy dance of celebration as I chanted my rhyme. Pretty sure Ms. Z thought I finally went crazy!

So what’s the rhyme you ask? Ok here goes - - remember I’m a novice!

It’s Not Very Fun, But It Needs To Be Done.

I’m still wondering if I heard or read this somewhere and it just bubbled out. You real ryhmers out there, if it’s not a rhyme – just pretend it is, Ok? For now I’m calling it my own.

A transforming morning . . . Momma can Rhyme! Who would have thought!

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