February 8, 2010

Small Changes

Hope you all had a great weekend. The weather is bringing us piles and piles of snow today so we're snuggled in for the day, recovering from the weekend.

Weekends are hard on my home. With everyone home, the rooms seem to explode with clutter! I typically spend the majority of Monday, decluttering and getting back into the weekday groove. Please tell me I’m not the only one struggling with this!

Anyway, on to what a really want to talk about today.

This morning while I rushed around my house, arms filled to overflowing, inspiration struck - - TWICE! Thought maybe you might enjoy taking a look.

Inspiration #1: Bathroom Towel Holder.

This is the towel holder I installed a couple years ago in our itty-bitty master bathroom.

I love that it has a little vintage flare but it just doesn’t hold towels very well. They're constantly falling, or they look all frumpy – it’s annoying. I’m on the lookout for a replacement and I’ve figured out how to re-use the old one. I plan to move it out into the bedroom by my dresser, to use as this…

Inspiration #2: Gift Wrap Holder

Inspiration struck for the second time as I scurried into my junk laundry room. Carefully balancing an armload, I started to panic as I glanced around, looking for a place to unload. Not a clear spot to be found. Bummer – now what am I going to do! I made a quick decision to just add to the pile and promised myself “tomorrow I’m cleaning up this room, I promise”. Seriously, it’s so bad if I showed you  pictures you’d never come back to visit me - - it’s that bad!

So I added to the pile, spun around and headed for the door. Almost made it out of the room before I heard a mini avalanche behind me. The two rolls of wrapping paper I had placed on the top of the pile were now on the floor, unwrapping itself as it rolled across the floor. Grrrrrrr! Grumbling, I picked them up and started searching for a better place to stash them. Here's where they ended up . . .

Huh!  It works beautifully, it’s like I planned it all along!

Talk with you tomorrow, Robin


  1. You just gave me a wonderful idea for storing my gift wrap, Robin! Thanks!

    Warm hugs across the miles...


    Sheila :-)

  2. very innovative, you took a wasted spot and made it work for you. Lezlee

  3. I LOVE when ideas work out perfectly! I am going to steal the wrapping paper one. Maybe I'll have to tell you all the annoying things about my house and you can help me with ideas because I haven't had any light bulbs go off here! :)


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