February 9, 2010

Kid's Craft Cupboard

My little ones are CRAZY about crafts. 

I’ve tried many different things to keep it organized and have finally found a system that works for us.

A two door, two shelf cupboard in our kitchen is where all the magic happens.  Take a look.

Ahhhh, so organized!  Love it!

The top shelf holds a long, narrow bin filled with playdough. A paper stand to organize the coloring books, activity books and notebooks. And a pretty cup to hold paintbrushes and scissors.

The bottom shelf holds two sets of drawers and a bin to hold glue, paint shirts and backup markers. The set of drawers on the left holds crayons, colored pencils and markers. The set of drawers on the right hold various craft supplies like foam shapes, goggle eyes and sequins.


  1. You do a great job to keep everything organized!
    Beautiful cups for paintbrushes are such a wonderful touch.

    Many thanks for visiting Robin :)

  2. I love your organization! I always feel so good when I have the house really clutter free and organized. It does not last long though!



  3. I love this. It's such a pain to go searching for the markers when you need them. Great idea. Mimi

  4. Love the organization. I've been working on this myself, going room by room.


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