February 11, 2010

Vintage Valentines

In the past, Valentine’s Day hasn’t received much attention in the decorating department around here. It always seems to sneak up on me. At the last minute, I’ll start throwing hearts around attempting to make it a little bit festive.

It seems this year will be no exception. I had BIG plans, but now we’re three day’s away and enthusiasm for creating anything new is almost nonexistent.

Lucky for me I’ve picked up a few vintage Valentine’s over the past year to help me out. I think their adorable, just the thing to add a touch of Valentine spirit.

I tucked them in around my hutch, along with a few things I had in storage and called it done.

(my favorite is the little dog, top row, middle - makes me smile,
and the only one the kids know is off limites)
Framed rub-on hearts, a jar of heart garland and a few hearts I made last year completes the look.
Until tomorrow,


  1. Hi Robin, thanks for poppin' in, I really do think there is a cowgirl in me somewhere! :) I love your vintage Valentines, I saw a bunch at the flea market this weekend and they made me smile at their simplicity and sweet drawings! Have a lovely day~

  2. I LOVE that picture with the rub on hearts. Where did you get them? Scrapbook store or craft store?? I NEED one too. Mimi

  3. LOVE your Valentines and the white hutch! Lezlee

  4. Well it doesn't look like something you threw together at the last minute. Everything looks really cute! The rub on hearts in a frame is a great idea!

  5. Just the right touch of Valentine's Day!

    Your hutch looks beautiful...crisp and white!


  6. I love the way you have arranged the vintage Valentines and isn't it great to get old pieces of furniture and redo and reuse. It is so rewarding to make something lovely out of something old and used. I love visiting your blog. Come check out my vintage Valentines I made and have displayed on my blog.


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