March 4, 2010

The Beginning Of A Slipcover

I've been keeping myself out of trouble by doing this . . .

A sofa slipcover!
I'm so excited to finally be working on it. I've been talking about it FOREVER.

So far it's going very well. At this point, I think all the hard parts done. I'm hoping to have it finished by mid week next week. Then I can show it off.


  1. Oh, I can't wait to see it! I really admire people that can sew like that. Its gonna be great!

  2. I so want to learn how to make slipcovers! I have a chair that I want covered but have no clue where to start. Please just come do it for me. :)
    It's going to change the whole look of your room without all that floral ~

  3. Can't wait to see it finished...wanna come to NY and make me one :)

  4. Oooo... this looks so good! You are wonder woman.

  5. you are doing a great job!!! I got the pillows done on a love seat. and gave up on the rest, bout where you are now, SO don't quit. Love the fabric. Lezlee

  6. looks like you are doing an excellent job! If you have time, will you tell us how to do it??



  7. Your doing a wonderful the color of the fabric.


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