March 3, 2010

Help In The Kitchen

The window behind my kichen sink needed some help.  The afternoon sun coming in is BLINDING to say the least.  We avoid the whole kichen from 1 to 5. 

  In the past I've tried  mini-blinds (yuck!), a roller shade (broke within 6 months- plus was a pain to roll down) and cafe curtains(couldn't stand how they hung and cluttered up the display area I had). 
Nothing seemed to work. 

Last week I broke down and went to Menards to find something. 

I came home with a cellular shade in white.

Installing and shortening the length just about did-me-in.  You'd think I was a salior - - it was that bad!
But it's all good now - I'm back to normal.  I love how they still let light in and gives the room a cheerful glow without the glare of sunshine in your eyes.

I added a dishcloth valance I made a while back.

And the best part - - It completly disapears behind the valance!
(sorry about the cluttered photo - - working on a few changes around the kitchen and this is the only kid free zone to be found)


  1. I love how it looks - I have mini blinds which are ugliest things ever invented. I just might also go to Menards tomorrow! I like how it disappears under that darling valance. :)

  2. Love the valance!! When I started reading this post I was thinking about a photo I saw in BH&G a while back....had a pretty window like yours, with open shelves across it with little plants....blocked some of the light AND something nice and living to look at!


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