April 19, 2010

CMA Awards

You may not know . . .

I’m a Country Music Fan!!!!!!

Last night was a B.I.G. night. My favorite awards show was on – the CMA’s. My sister and I settled in to watch with much delight! We always have such fun and last night was no exception.

A few surprises and a few assumed awards were handed out. For me, the show belonged to Miranda Lambert.

Miranda won Top Female Vocalist of the Year and Album of the Year. I am so very happy for her (sister and I were clapping in delight). It’s so nice to see her finally getting some attention. I have loved her music for years. Her voice is amazing and very “country”. Her music makes me sing and dance along, other times it touches my soul. Making me look deeper or relive a fond memory.

Last night she performed her new single, “The House That Built Me”. It gave me chills. The first time I heard the song on the radio I became all misty eyed and even now it makes me emotional. The song makes me crave to create the type of home in which my own children grow into adulthood remembering their time spent fondly: Knowing, without a doubt, that they are loved and secure. That they have a place in this big ol’ world.

Watch the "House That Built Me" video here: 

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