April 20, 2010

Vintage Finds {4}

A few weekends ago Ms. J and I went to an occasional sale hosted by A Gathering of Friends. It was a first experience for Ms. J which she seemed to enjoy. Made me so proud to watch her ooooh and aaahhh over vintage goodies, making suggestions on where it would fit into the house. She had her eyes on a vintage rolling laundry bag for her room to hold stuffed animals - - it was amazing - - sadly we had to pass it up, floor space in her room just wouldn’t allow it.

Here’s what we did come home with. . .

A flower frog for me.

The first in my collection of this style.

A rusty, chippy, dented mailbox.

It was the first item I spotted when we arrived. Of course I made a beeline right for it and snatched it up.

A galvanized bucket with a few dents.

Filled it with faux hydrangeas and placed it on top of my hutch it looks so amazing!
Ms. J picked out this lovely pale blue tool box. We actually fought over it a little since we both thought it was amazing! Ms. J emerged victorious however; she had the perfect use for it. She’s now the proud owner of a vintage toolbox slash rock collection holder!

Until tomorrow,



  1. Great finds! You may have created a collector!

  2. uhm, yummmmmie finds....and just for the record Ms, J rocks at this whole vintage collecting thing we are so addicted too, I would have been fighting with her over that toolbox too, swooony!

  3. I love that vintage mailbox. I almost bought one last week. Thanks for stopping by. I will be back again. I love farmhouse vintage style.

  4. I love your finds, esp. the galvanized bucket.

  5. It's never too early to spot a cute item. Good training! Love the things you guys found. Mimi

  6. Great finds...it is so fun when you first see them! Have a great day!

  7. Those are some great finds...love the bucket and toolbox.


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