April 9, 2010

In The Kitchen: A Spot Of Spring

This time of year I enjoy watching the grass transform itself from brown to green. You always know spring truly has arrived once the grass is a lovely bright green.

To bring a little spring green into my home I filled a few of my favorite white pottery pieces with soil and wheatgrass and set it in my sunny kitchen window. I can’t begin to tell you how enjoyable it was to feel the grit of soil on my hands after a long, cold, snowy winter. I was having so much fun, I could have continued all day long but wouldn’t you know it, I ran out of potting soil! 

I started with potting soil, wheatgrass seeds and something to put it in. Added some water and let it sit on my sunny kitchen window, covered with plastic wrap until the seeds began to sprout.
A few days later, I removed the plastic wrap and a week later I had this!
Ahhhh! Spring!

Such a lovely time of the year!

(my favorite)


  1. What a clever idea!!! They're so sweet, you can put them all around. I may have to borrow this idea! :)

  2. I forgot to mention that I LOVE LOVE LOVE your new vintage silver pieces. My colleciton is growing at a very fast rate too but I love the look of old tarnished silver-once it gets past that orangey stage. :)

  3. How simple and yet how stunning! I love the simplicity of the containers with the wheatgrass.

    I forgot I bought some a while back at a health food store....now where did I stash them?

    That little bitty vase is too cute!

    Keep me posted if you find that picture I was looking for. Thanks


  4. I love this. We planted grass in eggs last Easter, but like this even better. So pretty!

  5. Love this idea...I'm so gonna try this!


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