April 29, 2010


On Monday I took a break from spring cleaning to go to the thrift store with my mom who was in town for the day. 
It was a good day for me.  I found some great treasure to take home with me. 

Here they are. . .

Not sure what this is for, but I love the detail and the legs - oh la la! 
I've added a votive candle and think it looks great!

Next up, a lovely lidded serving dish.  Right now it's looking a little rough and tarnish - - not in a good way.  Do you think silver polish will take the "blue" off!

I don't entertain in a fancy way very often and plan to use the bowl to hold sewing notions in my hutch/sewing center.  Maybe now I can do some "fancy sewing"!

Also picked up this picture frame and small serving dish.  The frame will look great painted and distressed.  The dish will be a great addition to my silver collection.
These two I'm really excited about. 
On the right, a pale blue, sheer valance for Ms.J room.  It's frilly and girly and I just love it.  Surprisingly, my tom boy likes it too!

On the left, is the item I was hoping to find.  A summer bedspread for Ms. J's room.  My mom has a few of these in her home and I have always like them. 
I don't know what you call this fabric.  It's not chenille, however it looks similar. 
Does anyone know?  Sure would like to have a name for something I like so much.

And finally, LOOK at this!
Isn't she lovely!  I'm so excited about this table (picked her up for $10!)

The table is very sturdy and I just love all the detail.  Can't wait to paint her up, and add her to the living room.  She'll look great next to my chair I think.

The top is covered with a badly damaged leather inserts that I hope to be able to remove.
Do you think it's possible?  I have my doubts - - think I'll try anyway!

Hope you all are have a great week.  I've been changing a few things in my bedroom and hope to show it off tomorrow.  See you then.



  1. You hit the jackpot I'd say! LOVE the bedspread and of course the silver. I have several of those little trays and they come in so handy for so many things. The table, though is going to be great painted. I love the detail on the sides.
    You are the luckiest thrifter! :)

  2. Oohh....can't wait to see the table redo. I have one just like it waiting for me in the basement! Very good finds!! :-)

  3. Great finds Robin! That table will be great once finished and I love that bedspread.

  4. Love the bedspread! Could it possibly be candlewicking?

  5. You found some great finds Robin, that that bedspread looks like chenille...hmmm, can't think of what else it would be called...it is beautiful at any rate!! Thanks for the welcome into the fabric freak club, i have never been a part of a club i feel so silly and awkward, ya know being the new kid and all...I am sure I will find my place soon enough! :) xo

  6. WOW, you found some wonderful things! Im loving that table, good luck with it...it will be fabulous when your done!

  7. I believe those spreads are called "Martha Bates." Beautiful!


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