May 11, 2010

The Colors Of Spring

I enjoy changing the colors of my accessories for the seasons. 

How about you?

It's my way of embracing the season.   The change of color always breathes fresh life into the room and keeps things interesting.

For spring my accent colors of choice are pale blue and green.  To me, the combination is very spring-like.

This past week I switched things up in my bedroom and I am loving the results. 

Would you like to take a quick peek?

The room is predominately white:  White walls, bedding, dressers.  I've added a touch of black and brushed metals.  Together they form the base of my room.  Given the season, the curtains, framed artwork and accent pillows change.

Here's the view from our itty-bitty tiny bathroom. 
I've hung new curtains with a blue and green floral pattern that I made.  I love this fabric, it's thick enough that the light is diffused a little but still gives a light and airy feeling.

The art work I picked up at Ikea a few years back that has the most amazing lime green.  It's hard to tell in the photos but they are by far my favorite artwork in the house.

The bed itself is covered in a white coverlet with a few green accent pillows.

My area of the room is set up to make me smile and help me get ready for the day.
I added some new frames with favorite photos of my babies, a mirrored cabinet to help me stay organized and a few pretty accessories to make myself feel pampered. 

The mirrored cabinet may seem like a strange thing to have hanging on the wall in a bedroom.  I find it very helpful since our master bath is so tiny with very little storage I use this space instead for doing my hair and putting on my face everyday.  Plus hubby and I were always fighting over the bathroom, this helps solve that issue.  Plus it's up high - - much harder for little ones to get into my stash.
Inside has another mirror and all my "potions" and hair products. I use one drawer of my dresser for makeup and bulkier items like brushes.
Also on my dresser is my new favorite.  Bath and Bodywork's candle in
Eucalyptus Spearmint - It smells divine!

Mr. J's dresser is on the wall at the end of the bed. 

A silver platter coral's all his "stuff",
and quite possible the worlds ugliest alarm clock.
Mr. J has owned this contraption since his pre-teen years, he calls it a heirloom,
I'm thinking more along the lines of a fire hazard!
--moving on to something pretty - - -

My favorite piece of furniture in the room,
a pale blue chair I picked up a few years back.

She's a little wobbly, but that's OK.  Her job is to sit in the corner and look pretty.
She does a good job don't you think!
Mr. J's bedside table has a few of my favorite things also.

This photo I've saved to until last since I have a project in the works to fix the problem. 
We have lived without a headboard for a past couple years,  but I think I have a solution.  Stay tuned . .

Hope you enjoyed my spring colors.



  1. Love your oom it looks very spring like! Love the heriloom clock, LOL

  2. Hey Robin! Thanks for visiting me and "following". I am having fun looking around here. Your bedroom really has a "spring" to its step now, great job!

  3. Robin, I loved seeing what you've done with your room... very fresh retreat! And that blue chair is the perfect color. I'm proud of you for making your pretty new curtains, too. Wish I could sew. Can't wait to see what you do with your headboard.


    Sheila :-)

  4. Love this room and love your bedding. Where did you find it?


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