May 9, 2010

From The Garden {1}

Good Morning Everyone!

Hope you all had a great Mothers Day!
I'm in an excessively happy mood today which is surprising since the sky is cloudy and it's cleaning day. Might have something to do with the fact that I spent every spare moment working in the garden all weekend - - I'll get back to that in a minute - - lets first focus on cleaning day, I've got a question for you!
In the past I've stretched cleaning chores out throughout the week, finishing a job or two a day. Always put them off until the end of the day. Almost always grumbling my tired self through them.
This week I decided to try something new.
I've assigned Monday as cleaning day - - because lets face it, by Sunday night of a weekend at home the house is TRASHED. No Sweat - - I'll clean Monday!!!!! The remainder of the week will be devoted to working on projects.
I've decluttered, dusted, swept, mopped, vacuumed, cleaned bathroom and done three loads of laundry. Now it's lunch - boy am I hungry! I think this new approach is going to work out great. I feel as if I'm way ahead of the game for the week.
So here's the question - - How do you go about cleaning your home. Do you spread it out or tackle it all at once. Would love to hear your trick and tips!
Shall we head to the garden?
I mentioned I spent as much time in the garden as possible this weekend --it was heavenly!
My project was to move the edging out a couple feet (OK, maybe more than that. Hubby says I should just place the edging three feet back from the sidewalk and be done with it. No grass - just garden - how cool would that be?)
Anyways, I have a brick edging that's about four inches tall all around the backyard garden. I love the clearly defined garden space. The problem however is that I installed the edging with the curves to curvy that it has made mowing difficult. This is where hubby would roll his eyes and give me a "your crazy" look.
But I'm serious - it drove me crazy!
I dismissed the eye rolling and got to work. Starting out by moving the brick and laying them out how I wanted them.

This took a long time. It shouldn't have but those darn bricks were sitting right next to weeds which I just had a pull. So I moved slowing along, pulling weeds and replacing bricks.

(I was a bad blogger and forgot to take photos at each step - - Sorry!  Forgive my review photos)

Next I added landscape fabric. No way was I going to dig up all that grass - - takes too long. Instead I installed fabric and will wait a month or so until the grass is dead before planting anything in the new area.

Finally, mulch -- and lots of it.  I just love fresh mulch.

Here's the mulch with a little of the fabric uncovered - - you get the idea.  I have to admit though, landscape fabric has been a new addition to my gardens in the last couple years.  Previously I would just dig out the grass, amend the soil then spread mulch.  Using the fabric makes things so much faster.  I amend the soil as I plant each new addition to the garden, instead of the whole area at once. 

Finished product is a mower friendly softly curved boarder. Lovely!

 If you look closely you can see the row of solar lights that mark where the bricks were previously. 
Wow! Long post. Guess I'm chatty when I'm happy.
Have a great day,


  1. I have always cleaned on Friday. The whole house. Thursday Laundry. But lately I've been thinking if I do one thing a day it won't be so much and so tiring on Friday. Tell me if you like one day cleaning better. I'm ready for a change. Mimi

  2. That gives me ideas, Robin! You really did a good job here, and I know how much work that must have been. Your row is nicely curved, too. Can't wait to see what you eventually plant. Keep us posted.


    Sheila :-)

  3. Wow! You have been one busy lil bee. Your garden is just awesome too. I try and do most of my cleaning in one day as well. I think it works best for our family...not that they notice I have cleaned..ha! Take care and enjoy that clean house of yours! xoxox Susie

  4. You have the most beautiful yard and landscaping in the blogland. Everytime I see it, I smile.

  5. Robin...that border is amazing!! and your yard is so pretty, can't wait to see more!
    We did work in the yard yesterday, I could have used another day but Saturday was raining. I love spending time out in the garden too, until I find a snake!:(
    Have a great week!


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