May 28, 2010

Happy Memorial Day!

Memorial Day marks the beginning of camping season for my family. 
With much anticipation, we pile into the camper and hit the road. 
Our destination is always the same,  Uncle Ruben's cabin.  It's a lovely place to unwind and relax.  Grandparents and cousins join us. 
Games, ATVing, campfires and little bit of work (not to much though) fill our days.  The kids run wild and the grownups take naps. 
If it get too warm, we hop on a ATV and take a short trip to the river to cool off.  

Amidst the laughter and catching up, time is always taken to visit a little country graveyard; the resting place to five generations of our family.  It's a simple, beautiful place filled with history and memories. 

Hope your Memorial Day weekend is enjoyable.
I'll be in the woods surrounded by family,
enjoying the moments and making memories.


  1. That sounds wonderful Robin! Have a great weekend.

  2. Really sounds like a fun way to get together. Hope you have a great Memorial Day. Mimi


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