June 1, 2010

From The Garden {3}

Today's blooms . . .

Chives . . .

Clematis . . .

Catnip . . .

The backyard

Have a great day everyone,



  1. Your images are all so pretty. I love the one with the white picket fence.

  2. so lovely! your yard is beautiful!! have a good one :) susan

  3. I love purple in the garden! I just bought chives this week-end. I have had garlic chives in the garden for years and I love their white blooms. I decided it would be nice to have some purple flowering chives too. Now I just have to figure out where I'm going to put them!

  4. So pretty! I love the catnip and the picket fence - it looks like a shot right out of country living!
    The outside of your home is just as charming as the inside~
    I've been slowly trying to get rid of the grass in my yard and fill it in with lots of wild flowers but it's a much bigger job than I anticipated! So, I'll be back out there tomorrow ~ :)



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