May 13, 2010

From The Garden {2}

Although the weather has been cloudy, raining and all together yucky for the past week a few plants in the garden are sending out blooms for me to enjoy. 

The Japanese Lilac is almost blooming.

Chives are sending me deliciously purple buds.
I'm so excited about these, last year I planted them from seed and didn't see a single bloom. 
Things are looking good this year.

And finally, the Johnny Jump Ups are in full bloom. 
These have been a favorite of mine since I was a girl.

Have a great day, and Happy Gardening



  1. Your garden is looking lovely. Lots of work but so worth it. Love what you've done to your bedroom. Very fresh and springy. Mimi

  2. So beautiful!!! Enjoy your weekend! xoxox Susie


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