June 25, 2010

Impromptu Birdbath

While out in the garden this morning I was inspired by the birds - literally!

Every year at this time our backyard is home to at least three sets of birds that seem to think our pine trees the perfect place to build a nest and raise there young.  This morning I notice one feathered friend splashing around in a sallow galvanized tub. 

Instantly the gears started turning trying to figure out how to make the tub a more permanent structure in my garden. 

What do you think?

An overturned bucket and a oil pan - - instant birdbath!
I mean seriously, this galvanized metal junkie is in hog heaven right now.

The bucket used as a base is normally my weeding bucket and the top I picked up a couple years ago at Fleet Farm (uh oh! my roots are showing!).  I found it in the horse and livestock section and I think it's supposed to be a feed bucket of some sort.  I've also noticed them in the auto parts section marked as an oil pan.  Whatever the original purpose, I picked it up to use as a planter on my deck.
Today it's a birdbath - how's that for multi-functional!

She seems to like her new home in the veggie garden - pretty sure she smiled at me - might have even seen a winked!  ha ha

What do you think?
Is she a keeper?
I'm thinking YES!

Hope you all have a lovely weekend.  Here's to hoping the rain holds off until I can get the lawn mowed and some much needed weeding at least started!

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