July 23, 2010

From The Garden {6}

This week is all about the Phlox. 

One of my all time favorite flowers and has been since I started gardening.

I have ten different plants sprinkles throughout my garden and every year while in full bloom I always wonder why I don't have more!

Even though the garden has been neglected for most of the month of July, these beauties can take care of themselves.

Used as a cut flower the, the scent is amazing and fills the room!

How sweet they are poking through the fence!

If you don't have a few of these beauties in your garden, I strongly recommend you rush to your nearest garden store and pick some up.

I'm I alone in my Phlox obsession or do they hold a special place in your garden?


  1. They are so pretty!! I'm catching up on your posts, the pics of the kids came great. I have trouble getting mine to sit still for pictures.

  2. I love phlox too Robin!! All of mine is just plain ole garden phlox...the kind that just sort of naturalizes all over the place. Smells heavenly! Yours is SO pretty.

  3. What a lovely shade of lavender. I'll definitely try to find some for my garden. I take it they're perenials? Mimi

  4. Hi Robin,

    My name is Kathy P. from Copperas Cove, TX. I was going through your blog and was very inspired with the slipcovers in April. May I ask what kind of fabric you used to make your slipcover? My sofa is similar to your sofa; mostly the pattern/print and I want to go for the solid color; preferable white or beige.
    I hope to hear back from you. Thank you, KP

  5. We planted a few last year and love them too. They grew pretty big this year so we will need to expand the bed and move them over a bit. Yours are beautiful!

  6. Oh how I love Phlox!! Beautiful.


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