September 19, 2010

Easy Flower Arrangement

Junk Bonanza this past weekend was of course AMAZING!  A few treasures made their way home with me. 

I'll be sure to show them off sometime later this week for all of you who maybe interested.

Today, however, I'm a little pressed for time. 
A mountain of laundry and a dirty, cluttered house is demanding my attention! 

Thought I would share a quick flower arrangement that has been gracing my living room for the past couple days.

A quick trip into the backyard with scissors produced a few cutting from my hydrangea shrub.  I placed them into one of my favorite white pottery pieces and layered it on top of a small, oval platter.  Didn't even add water - I'm hoping they will dry nicely so I can enjoy them a bit longer.

So pretty! 

So Simple!

Just my style!

Hope you all have a lovely Monday,



  1. I wish I had my own hydrangea bush!!! The colors of yours are so beautiful especially with that bright white pot.
    Hope you're enjoying the start of's cold here already so I'm really getting into the mood.
    I LOVE your new header and the new look of your blog...very very pretty!
    :) Sarah

  2. Beautiful...I have a few hydrangea bushes & hope to have a few more next year!!

  3. Gorgeous blooms Robin! My hydrangeas have long since dried up. Enjoy them!!

  4. They're beautiful! Such pretty colors. Love all the cute things you found. I just know that chair is gonna be great. Mimi

  5. Love your hydrangeas! Mine haven't turned pink's still too warm here. Really pretty!


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