September 22, 2010

Quick Changes

Small changes seem to make a big impact in a room. 
A fact that always seems to amaze me. 

Today's example is an ordinary wood tray that I've had for years.  It's a great size, but the color was beginning to rub me the wrong way.  Nothing a quick coat of spray paint can't fix.

This is the color of the tray before:

Perfectly fine, but like I said, not a great color for me. 

After a coat of red spray paint this little tray fits better into my living room. 

I enjoy the pop of color and she does a great job holding the kids library books!
(p.s. If you have little girls you might enjoy this book by American Girl titled Hair: Styling Tips and tricks.  It's a hair style book we found at the library. My girls love it so much I am thinking about picking up our own copy.  Lots of ideas, simple idea's - which makes mommy happy!)

Hope you all have a great day,



  1. oh yes much better that pop of color too. What hair book was it you were chatting about?

  2. That's what I little guy always has Star Wars stuff scattered on the coffe table...and this is a great way to corral it all in one place.

  3. Don't you just love quick fixes???? I sure do. I also LOVE your arrangement from the post before: beautiful!!!!


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