September 30, 2010

Garden Review

This time of the year, as I prepare to put my garden to rest for the winter I can't help but start planning for next year. 

As I clip back favorites and shake my head in disgust at my not-so-favorite plants,
I'm making a list. 

Today I thought it would be fun to share my list with you.

I'll need to add a few more of theses . . .

A few more roses . . .

A few more coropsis in yellow . . .

Definitely a few more phlox's . . .

And finally, this years new favorite, profusion zinnia's. 
This year I planted them in white, cherry, and yellow.
Cherry was my favorite of them all . . .

So there you go.  This years favorite flowers.

How about you!
Do you have a favorite you plan to add more of next year?
Would love to know your favorite picks. 
Either comment below or link to a post of your own.

Until tomorrow,


  1. It's a bittersweet time of year. I'm already planning too, but I've run out of energy to start moving things now. It'll have to wait till spring.

  2. I need to add more sedum, something for fall color (besides the mum pots I plop down) and add some hydrangea as well--love yours on your blog banner. Thanks for stopping by my little blog!

  3. Love your Phlox, roses,zinnias and little white picket fence!

    It's been so hard trying to even get grass to grow out here in the country. What I really wished I had were my usual plants like hydrangea, roses, Peonies and hostas!

    I did plant a little packet of Zinna seeds and they did great but I also used pure top soil. Hmmm, maybe I can plant some bushes and they would be fine since I will be using top soil for those. Next Spring! Can't wait.

  4. Thanks for visiting my blog! I wanted to stop by and say "hello" and let you know what a great blog you have! Love your garden and the white side table! Most of all, I really like your blog header! Did you make it?

  5. You have the best flowers. My favorite flowers this year were definitely the tulips. Ryan also planted some great perennial sunflower-looking things. They were lovely!

  6. Yep....I need some phlox too. I'm also planning out the veggie garden we'll be making next year. Oh...and we're planting some apples this year too. I already can't wait till next spring ;o)

  7. I wonder how phlox will do here in dry old Utah. It's so pretty. Have you tried the State Fair Zinnias? Tall plants with large flowers, love them so much. Mimi


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