October 6, 2010

Junk Bonanza Finds

It's been two weeks since I had the privilege to attend Junk Bonanza.  
I still haven't showed off my fun finds.

I've been waiting . . .
hoping to find the time to decorate with a few of the items in order to have pretty pictures for you all to look at. 

With cold weather creeping closer and closer, I've been spending my time in a near panicked state of frenzied house work.  Hoping I'll be able to finish projects I've put off all summer before the cold weather decides to stick around for good.

Anyhooooo, please forgive the photos . . .

First off I picked up a white platter with a cute scalloped edge and a chipped, stained cream pitcher.
Both are a little scuffed and stained but I'm cool with that.

Found this little hotel bell to add to my collection.

Also found this delightfully scratched and rusty black metal box.

Also picked up this patch - I like that it was such a great color of red. 
It will be showing up in a upcoming sewing project.

Next I found a few black and white photos of buildings.  I enjoyed their petite size and thought they would be great either grouped together or alone.
(grrr, blogger keeps flipping it sideways - sorry)

And finally, the best find of the day. . .

this one takes me back . . .

back to 1980 . . .

and the little brown house where so many of my childhood memories were made . . .

On second street . . .

I plan to hang it in my kitchen,
but for now she sits on the shelf in my dinning room making me smile each time I pass by.

So there you go.  Great finds from a fun event.

Have a snappy day,



  1. Great finds, Robin! I love that street sign!

  2. Super finds. I love the ironstone, the bell and the signs. Hugs, Marty

  3. Completely admiring that white platter you found with the scalloped edging.

    Me too! I have been in panic mode trying to get things done around the house before the cold weather sets in for good.

  4. The sign is the best.. especially if you lived on 2nd st. I really really am happy for you because it is such a cool sentimental piece.

  5. Great finds! I love the way you displayed the street sign. Looks amazing!


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