September 10, 2010

Historic Fort Snelling

One of the places the girls and I visited during my blog break was Historic Fort Snelling.  My memory of the Fort from back in my school days was nothing like how my "adult" eyes viewed it.  

Fort Snelling is truly beautiful place to visit. 
I enjoyed the symmetry of it's layout and the beautiful old stone buildings and walls. Not to mention all the simply beautiful doorknobs and the like. 

Hoping that you would enjoy taking a look also, here are a few of my favorite photos from our day at Fort Snelling.  Enjoy!

Hope you all have a wonderful day,


  1. Hi Robin! Glad you are back...but you did the right thing by enjoying the summer with the kids. They are only young once, right? Have a great weekend...



  2. Great pictures... My family is sooo into history and would have loved this trip.

  3. The old stone is so lovely!

    I took a blog break during the summer too and I enjoyed every second of it! :)


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