September 9, 2010

Well Hello There. . .

Hello, My name is Robin . . .

I'm a bad blogger . . .

I took a few weeks off to enjoy the end of summer with my kids . . .

I enjoyed the break so much I took another week off . . .

And then, another!

However much I've enjoyed my time off, I'm ready to jump back into blogging. 
I've missed you all so much! 
Can't wait to catch up with you all and take a look at all the fabulous things you have been doing.

Today I'll be spending my time reading through my alarmingly large google reader. 
Hoping to feel reconnected to all you fabulously talented people.

Until tomorrow,


  1. I did the EXACT same thing...summer is so fleeting that we have to savor it for all its that I've dug back into blogging again I can't...stop! It is so very addicting! Welcome back honey - we have missed you!

  2. Sounds like me.. Like your blog and following Dave

  3. A break is just necessary every now and then. Welcome back:)


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