October 20, 2010

A Touch Of Halloween

The past couple of days I've been slowing adding touches of Halloween around my home.

I find that every Halloween I'm drawn to a slightly different decorating scheme. 

Last year it was bats and spiders. 

This year it's black cats.

To add touch of Halloween to my kitchen I thought a cat silhouette would be a good addition.

After finding an image, I traced it out onto black scrapbook paper.  Next I cut it out and added it to a basic white plate using masking tape to attach it.

Here's the before,

And After,

I love how simple this project is.

What do you think? 
Will you be adding a few silhouettes of your own to your home?

Until tomorrow,



  1. What a simple but great idea. I think I shall make a couple, one for the wall and one for the window. Nothing spookier than a black cat in your path. BOO

  2. I love simple Halloween decor! I'm done decorating for this year but I can't wait till next year...I've got so many new ideas to try!

  3. Wow...the smallest detail can add just the right touch of Halloween! Looks great Robin. No silhouettes for me this year....hopefully my sanity and energy return for next Halloween. ;-)

  4. So cute. I love the entire display. Even without the kitty:)

  5. This is adorable! I love how EASY it was!

  6. LOVE your blog Robin!! Im your newest follower!! Hugs, Rachel


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