October 29, 2010

Vintage Halloween

Every Halloween I dig out a few items passed on to me from my mother.

Things I remember from my childhood.

Items that make me smile.

Simple bits of cardboard in Halloween shapes.
Silly some would say.  To me, not so silly.

They are a prized possession.  They bring back memories.  They make memories.

They are cherished.

They are hung throughout the house on bedroom doors and kitchen cabinet doors. 

The scheming and negotiations begin as the girls pick favorites for their bedroom door.

The process makes me smile.  I remember back to a time my siblings and I would do the same exact thing.

And I smile!


  1. They just don't make decorations like these anymore! Very cute!

  2. Wonderful Robin. Do they sell these anymore? I remember hanging cardboard cutouts like these every Halloween when I was little.

  3. I remember these decorations from my childhood. My mom was a school teacher and she had several of these and some she used at school and others at home. I would give anything if I had saved them. Thanks for the memory!

  4. I love those vintage images. Remind me of my childhood. Mimi

  5. It's not silly. Keep bringing them out.

  6. These look totally familiar to me! I'll have to ask my mom if we used to have something similar.


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