November 9, 2010

Blank . . .

My wall is blank  . . .

and so is my mind!

I would like to add a little fall-ish flare for Thanksgiving.

So far . . . no bright idea's . . .

just a blank wall staring me in the face.

So I'll sit . . . and think . . . until something . . . anything makes a spark!

Does this ever happen to you?



  1. All the time! I have some gardening tools as bathroom accents and I use a bulb vase to hold Q-tips! My husband has stopped asking....maybe some branches or lanterns with things the family is thankful for tied to them :) So much fun to think of things to do!

  2. I have to say it too: All the time! Looking through my favorite magazines really helps me. Take your never know when something will inspire you.

  3. Yes, it happens to me all the time. Somtimes I think about decorating projects when I'm in bed and should be going to sleep. Next thing you know I'm jumping out of bed to measure something or check something out. It's a sickness, lol!
    I'm sure you'll find something cute for your shelves soon!

  4. I have an idea for you....Frame a piece of drop cloth and paint something on it like "Give Thanks" then start building around your painting. Just a thought.

  5. This happens to me a lot. I try to see a furniture move in my mind but it does not work that way. I have to move all the furniture around and look at it to see if I like it. A wall is harder, I do not like to put random holes in a wall to try a layout so I lay it on the floor. Try a something with color to start. Good luck it will come to you.

  6. As a matter of fact, it is happening to me right now! I am going through that too! For me I feel the colors are the same as we just had Halloween. Maybe try a different color than the typical. It's hard too because in the stores that's all you see oranges and browns. Personally, I am looking forward to decorating for Christmas. I might skip decorating for Thanksgiving.LOL

  7. Oh yes!!! That sure happens to me!!!!...but don't worry, it will me!!!

  8. All the time. But, accessories are not my forte. You'll come up with something fabulous and I'll just have to copy it. ;)


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