November 11, 2010

This morning I have a share a funny story that I have been laughing about all day!


as my sister was heading home from the gym with her two kids they met up with a few deer.

The first one ran out about ten feet in front of them. 

 My sister of course hit the brakes and started looking for more deer. 

Good thing she did. 

Seconds later deer number two ran across the road missing the car by a few feet.

Heart thumping wildly,

she composed herself only to hear her two year old in the back seat say . . .


That Was A Big Chipmunk!

Haaaaaaaaaaa, Haaaaaaaaaa, Haaaaaaaaaa
Have you ever heard anything so hilarious!


  1. Oh how funny. We've hit a few deer and it isn't fun! Glad he was oblivious! Thanks for stopping by my blog and the DIY window treatment. I'm a new follower, btw!

  2. Hee hee! That was way too funny!

    Deer have been a problem here lately too! Hubby had one jump right onto the hood of my new-to-me BMW about 2 weeks ago...$6400 worth of damage! Thank god he wasn't hurt though!

  3. That IS funny! It made me splutter!!

    Oh deer.....


    I love your blog. I've had a little browse and I'm your new follower!



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