November 24, 2010

It's A Sickness Really . . .

I  can't stop thinking about Christmas decorations!

I promised myself I'd be good and not dig out the decorations until AFTER Thanksgiving.

Man, am I having a hard time keeping this promise!

It was all going just fine until I happened to pick up this magazine while I was standing in the checkout lane.

Once I picked it up . . . N.O.  W.A.Y. was I putting it down.

Two days until I can officially start decorating and I've gone through that darn magazine at least ten times! My mind is filled to the brim with inspiration.

I go to bed thinking of Holiday decorations . . . .


. . . I wake up thinking of Holiday decorations!

A. Sickness. I. Tell. You!

Has anyone else caught this particular bug?

p.s.  I just couldn't help myself . . . I made this little church today . . . I still need to glitter her up . . . technically it's a gift for my mom . . . she'll be coming over for Thanksgiving . . . so it doesn't count - right?


  1. It is an illness! I started already...I put out just a few things every night so it's coming together slowly. Keeping getting your ideas together and have fun this weekend when you start!
    Have a wonderful Thanksgiving!

  2. I am right there with ya! I am definately getting my Christmas decor out this weekend. The little church is adorable! You are way more crafty than me....I love it!! With lots of glitter, it looks just like a pottery barn item. :) Have a great Thanksgiving.

  3. You MADE the church?...WOW!

    No, I don't have the bug yet, mine decorating starts Dec. 8th (an Argentinian tradition) so I still have a little time to get inspired!

  4. Your church looks adorable. My husband has always said that we can't start decorating until after Thanksgiving, and since I need his help getting the decorations out, I have no choice!! :) Also, I told myself that I would not buy or make anything until I unpacked all my decorations! Only two more days!!!

  5. Love that magazine!!! Um, that church is beautiful!! Your mom will love it! I have been "sick" for a couple weeks now! :)

    Have a great Thanksgiving!

  6. Love your little church, so cute! I've been decorated here for a few weeks already but that's because of the house tour. I know I'm going to be sick of these decorations before Christmas is even here! lol

    Can't wait to see all your decorations and show mine off as well. Have a great turkey day!

  7. Yeah, I'm totally there. It started when I was finishing up gifts for Ryan's family. (We exchange at Thanksgiving.) Soon, very very soon

    Love the church. Have you shown us how to do that? IT's fab.

  8. Looks like a mag full of great ideas.

    Happy Thanksgiving!


  9. Gifts don't count, so you are doing okay!:) I am so bad, compared to you. You see, here in Canada, we celebrate Thanksgiving in October. So, that means that we can start decorating for Chrstmas whenever the inspiration hits. This year, it was the first of November, usually it is closer to the first of December, but what can I say, I got the "sickness" early this year.
    Your little church is SO sweet! Wow, I love it! It will be so cute once you apply the glitter. I'm sure your mom loves it!
    Love and smiles, Cindy

  10. That's beautiful! The color is gorgeous.


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