December 13, 2010

Sweet Christmas Dreams

This weekend the last of my holiday decor was finished up.  It feels so good to have it done.

Now I can concentrate on baking, shopping and enjoying the season.

One of the rooms receiving my attention was the master bedroom.

My goal was to keep things simple.

I stuck to my favorite color combo of red and white, which seems to be my go-to colors for the winter months.  I also added a little silver for some sparkle.

On my bedside table I added a stack of books tied up with muslin, a sprig of greenery and my favorite holiday scented candle - twisted peppermint - Yummy!

Simple and pretty.

The other side of the bed received a tiny tree in an urn and two mercury glass votives.

The bed received cozy flannel sheet, a white coverlet and a few favorite pillows.
To add a little more color, I draped a red and white striped curtain panel at the end of the bed.

I'm most excited about what I've place above the bed.

 Three glitter houses, a grouping of bottle brush trees, a white feather boa and a few fairy lights.
All together, it adds up to a beautiful display and is it by far my favorite in the house.

I love how pretty it looks.

The feathers add such a nice softness and a light and airy feel.

The large house in the middle I put together from a kit picked up at Micheal's.
You may have seen them in the kids craft section, it's meant to be a dollhouse.
Putting it all together was a bit of chore, taking much longer then I anticipated.  
I'm so glad I stuck with it.
Now she's beautiful.

The church I also picked up from Micheal's.
After a little glitter she fits perfectly into the mix.

Did you see the feather?  I can't get enough!

The remaining house you may remember from my glitter house tutorials.
(here and here)

I'm very proud of this house.  It's by far the largest glitter house I've made.
She looks wonderful surrounded with bottle brush trees and feathers don't you think?

The best part about the whole display is the way it looks at night. 
The fairy lights give everything a soft warm glow and the glitter on the house sparkle so prettily.
I tried very hard to come up with a good picture to show you. 
I'm thinking it's beyond my scope of knowledge. 
To give you a glimpse, here's the best I could do.

Hope you enjoyed this. 
Hubby actually gave it his stamp of approval - can you believe it.
His exact words . . . " I can't believe I'm telling you this, but it looks nice, I really like it."

ahhhh, honey - - you sweet talker you. 

Hope you all have a snappy day!


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  1. This looks beautiful!!! I love when my husband realizes something different around the house and tells me how much he likes it!! You did such a wonderful job!!

  2. This is pretty much the most gorgeous thing I've seen in blog-land. I cannot believe you made it. And the whole bedroom setup is so wintery and cozy, I want to move in.

  3. you made those glitter houses? shut up!? you are genius. i love them.

    i've actually have been wanting to start a glitter house collection, but i never thought of making them. how special.

    and the feather boa. beautiful. you got some talent girl (and a new follower!). love it!

  4. I love and adore this. Love the idea of the glitter houses above the bed. Just lovely. And, I like that all the houses coordinate. The big house is just beautiful. You really made it your own.

    Now, I want a shelf above my bed. ;)

    Thanks for linking.

  5. Oh my goodness, Robin. I just love those little glitter houses. You have just the right spot for them too. They look so magical.

  6. I love how you decorated your room and love how you adorned the shelf over our bed. I bet it's lovely at night right before you go to bed. Thanks for sharing.

  7. Oh Robin...this is so very pretty!! I can't believe you made those houses! I LOVE them and the feathers are the most perfect, so smart!!

  8. Hello Robin,
    I just found your blog and I just love what you did with your bedroom, it looks so sweet!!

    Happy Holidays!!

  9. I love how you decorated your bedroom! Everything looks so beautiful! I hope you and your family have a very Merry Christmas!!!!

  10. Simple and pretty Robin...I love it! Your glitter houses are just amazing! ~Deb~

  11. Beautiful! It's amazing how glitter can transform items!

  12. Oh my lands.. that village is gorgeous and whimsical! I just love it!

  13. Now this is a village I could live with :) Gorgeous, glittery and perfect. I agree, the feathers look amazing.

    You have a beautiful blog...

    Merry Christmas!

  14. You are such a busy bee lately!
    OK...I love your winter master bedroom!! Your bed looks cozy, love the table touches but the headboard shelf - I'm in love with! I bet it is so cozy and winter romantic at night. You did an outstanding job! you also rock at those houses my friend!
    Happy Holidays!

  15. I love the idea of Christmas decorating in the bedroom. I've never decorated our bedroom until this year.

    The glittery houses are so charming and I just adore your bed. Looks beautiful and cozy!

    Merry Christmas!

  16. Oh those houses are gorgeous! I'm headed out shopping in a few days and the craft store is already on my list. Now I may have to stop into that section and see what they've got for houses.

  17. What a sweet mantle for your bedroom. Dreamy and lovely!

  18. its all so beautiful! Love the shelf above the bed!

  19. very pretty! i love it that is in your bedroom to enjoy!!! the silver & white are such a magical combination!!!

  20. Your bedroom looks so beautiful decorated for the holidays, Robin! It has a very calm and serene feeling to it... just lovely! I love how you added the pop of red just to your bed, so it's not overwhelming in the room... perfect! And, I really LOVE your glitter houses displayed on your shelf and the stack of vintage books on your nighstand! All lovely!
    Happy holidays!
    Jo :)

  21. Very, very pretty. I love the feathers, so soft. Can I ask you where you got those sconces with the mirrors from? Did yo make them? I love...

  22. Most excellent and thank you for the links to your tutes, wonderful! You are a most creative thinker, love these houses and the feathers are the perfect touch, so soft with the lights. Well done!

  23. Robin....It's breathtaking! I especially love the little houses displayed on a bed of feathers. It's so whimsical and beautiful.

  24. Your glitter homes are so beautiful. Love the way you displayed them. Also from another post - the little deer in the rock salt - adorable! You are so creative!

  25. Stopping by from the Nester tour. So, so pretty! Your glitter houses are beautiful with the feathers on the black shelf. Beautiful room!

  26. Oh, they are beautiful! It's a kit... from Michael's?? I've gotta go check out my store and see if they have them!


  27. It is so pretty and very serene!

  28. so pretty! i just did a post on my glittery winter houses! i love them! and i love the big dollhouse! i think i might have to go get me one! did you glitter it yourself?

  29. It felt so peaceful. I loved all the simple touches. Thanks for the tour.

  30. Simple, but oh so charming and, no your Husband, the decor!!!! LOL!!!

  31. Oh Robin I just love all of your glitter buildings!! Your bedroom looks so sparkly and beautiful!!

  32. That is just so beautiful! I love it, I need to stick around and see your tutorial, and some older posts, Theresa xoxo

  33. YOur houses are all lovely. I think making them yourself makes it all the more special!

  34. Love everything! Sometimes it is harder to keep
    things simple...but the end result is amazing!

    Flora Doora

  35. The glitter houses are gorgeous! I love your style! Sweet and simple is so refreshing. Happy to have found your lovely blog. I'm your newest follower and would be delighted to have you follow me back!
    Merry Christmas!

  36. just gorgeous! i love all the goodies on that shelf, it's wonderful!

  37. It looks great, love all the adorable white houses lined up!

  38. love, love, love the shelf above your bed! it's beautiful and clever. I may have to try it Myles! Now if i can convince Mr. PML to approve as well! Happy WW!

  39. Ohhhh, you did a super fabulous job on the glitter house! Love it,
    ps if you get a chance stop by i am having a giveaway

  40. I just found your blog via White Wednesday. Beautiful glitter houses and lovely blog! I will definitely try your tutorials on them someday. Thanks so much for sharing!
    - Susan

  41. I can't believe you made those houses from a kit!!! They looks so awesome!
    I just adore that above the bed display!
    I linked to you from a tour of homes.
    You can see my house here:

  42. Love the glitter houses & bottle brush trees. Gorgeous!!!

  43. Hi Robin,
    Wow I am crazy for your glittered village, gorgeous!! I wish I had seen that kit at Michaels! I am snow crazy too and using feathers, too clever, I am going to have to do this next year!
    Thanks for the fun inspiration!!

  44. Oh, I love the christmas houses and gorgeous!

  45. Robin, your glitter houses are beautiful! I am going to make some large ones this year. Thanks for sharing the tutorials! I make smaller ones. You can see them here:
    Here are the finished houses:
    Do you plan to make new ones for 2011?


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