December 12, 2010

A Beautiful Day!

It may be very cold outside but the sun is shining brightly and all the snow looks beautiful.

Hubby might not think so.

But from where I'm sitting inside our nice warm house . . .

It's a winter wonderland!


  1. Oh my goodness! That's a lot of snow. We've dodged most of it, but we'll get hit soon I'm sure.

  2. Robin, that's not ok. You sit in the warm House and the poor boy has to shovel snow :-)) But it is the correct distribution. For such things it needs strong and fearless men. *bg*

    But the snow is amazing. Soooo much.... It looks great, but I think it's very hard.



  3. Oh man!!! Stay cozy! We are just getting the beginning of it here in Michigan!!!

  4. Thank goodness for big snowblowers!!

  5. You poor girl!!!
    We only got a couple of inches but 65mph wind for two days! It's howling through the windows.
    I'm thankful right now for my fire and hot apple cider. :)
    Be safe and keep warm ~

  6. Hi Robin, It looks alot like this at my house too!! Living on a farm as we do makes life for us very difficult since so much of our work is ourside! I really hate all this snow!! Great weather for crafting and blogging!! Stay warm, Julie

  7. Your snow looks pretty from here. I guess I won't complain about our measly 3 inches. My husband would be in heaven out there though. He loves to plow and use the snowblower. he just doesn't get to use them very often.

  8. Shame on me for complaining that it was to hot today!

  9. Looks kind of cold in your neck of the woods. Thank goodness for husbands and snow blowers. Your glitter houses are so adorable. Thanks for the tutorial. Mimi

  10. Wow! It is a winter wonderland there! We had a bit of freezing rain here in southern Ontario. Nothing like you guys are experiencing!
    Stay warm!


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