March 14, 2011

Garden Picks: Best Of The Best

I've shown you my favorite plants . . .  

Today I'd like to share my Top Ten list. 

If I had to pick ten plants - and ONLY ten plants to grow in my garden they would be . . .

Profusion Zinnia

Annual Saliva






Shrub Roses



What would your list be?

I would love to know which plants would make your Top Ten List either by commenting below or via a post of your own.  (just leave me a quick note so I'll know - thanks)

Hope you enjoyed this garden series as much as I did putting it all together.  It was a great way for me to edit my garden plans for this upcoming growing season.

If your interested I'll be shared photos of my gardens tomorrow.  Stop by if you would like to take a peek.

Until tomorrow,



  1. Most of your favorites are mine too. I do love zinnias of any kind (especially State Fair)! Foxgloves, delphiniums, and black eyed susans in the fall. I'll be trying the phlox for sure. Hope it will do well with our dry heat. Mimi

  2. J'aime tes tupilans, j'adore les fleurs chez moi, mais mes filles sont encore trés petites pour comprendre qu'elles ne se mangent pas! Bonne journée et coucou de l'espagne.

  3. I would add coneflowers as they come in many colors and self seed, gomphrena as it fills a big spot and lasts all through summer flowering the whole time, angeolina mist another filler but beautiful and of course some daisies.

  4. These are beautiful picks! I love your picks and I would add to mine delphiniums, butterfly bush, and some ornamental grasses. I love so much of everything. Thank you for this series, I will be referring back to it when I start looking at my garden. :)

  5. Robin, I LOVE your blog header it is so pretty, I was like wow! I am so excited about gardening this spring so I enjoyed your garden posts. Cant wait to see what comes next , following along. Thanks for following me!

  6. You picked most of my favorites! I can't wait for summer and warm weather, definately gets me in the mood! :)

  7. Peonies! You must love peonies, too? I can't wait to see your garden pictures.



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