May 26, 2011

A Farmhouse Window (Sort of) and a Tutorial

I love the look a salvaged window can give a room. 

I've had a big blank wall in the kitchen just waiting for the perfect piece.  I've searched . . . and searched some more . . . all along that big blank wall kept staring back at me.

This week it was time to take matters into my own hands.  I figured if I couldn't find the perfect, old, chippy window to hang in my kitchen, I'd better make my own! 

After the window was complete I hung it on the wall and surrounded it with a collection of white plates.

That poor blank wall now looks like this!

I just love my new "window".

The paint finish turned out great and the addition of chicken wire adds a great touch!

Together with the plates, I think it gives my kitchen a great farmhouse flare.

To make your own you'll need...

Plywood (I used a piece with one smooth size, cost under $10)
chicken wire
staple gun

Start by determining the size of the window and make a template.

Layer your template on the plywood and trace around it.

Next determine how wide you want your frame.  I picked one and half inches.
Fold your template in half, then in half again, then once more.
Your template should look like this.

Using a ruler, measure from the curved edge and make a mark one and half inches in.
I made about 5 marks across the curve then connected the marks to make my cutting edge.

After cutting the line your template should look like this.

Unfold the template and center inside your original circle on the plywood.

Once again trace your template onto the plywood.  It should look like this.

Next make your windows "insides".  A simple cross shape is what I decided on.
To do this, I first found the center of my inside circle by folding the template in half and marking the line.  Unfolded the template and folded once again in the opposite direction, then marked that line.

It should look like this.

Now determine how wide you'd like your inside frame to be.  I decided on a slightly smaller size of one inch.

Using the cross lines you previously made, mark your desired width on each side of the line. 

 This is where my quilting ruler came in very handy.  I placed the ruler over the cross line, positioning it so that the edge I would draw was a half inch out from the original line.  After marking the first side, I flipped it over and did the same thing on the other side of the original line.  This gave me a total inside frame width of one inch. I did the same thing for all four lines.

Here's a look at what it should look like.

Erase your cross line and it should look like this.

Now all you need to do is cut out your shape.  I first cut out the middle sections by  using a drill to make a large enough hole for the jigsaw blade to fit into.  Then simply traced along the lines with the jigsaw.  After that I cut the outside shape.

Sand down all your edges and then paint.  I used a scraping technique similar to this.
However this time I waited for the paint to set a couple minutes then scraped off the white paint in  just a few spots. 

Once your painting is complete, add chicken wire unto the back using a staple gun.  I covered the chicken wire with a quick coat of black spray paint before I attached it to the frame.  I think it added a nice touch and blended in with the frame better.

The last step, add a picture hanger to back and hang your "new" window on the wall.

I love the result, don't you!

Oh yes!  I think it adds a great farmhouse look.  Just what I wanted all along.  I'm so happy I decided to make my own!

Hope you have a great day,


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  1. ahhhh I love it...such a soft lovely feel and yet so bold too...nice!

  2. Nice!!! I really love it... I want to do one by myself. Thanks for such good information:)
    Sofie from Sweden

  3. That is fantastic. It certainly does look farmhouse.

  4. This is great! I can just imagine it 4 times as big or even half circle like the ones in the magazines. Thank you for planting the idea in our heads and the tutorial.

  5. I can't believe you made that!! Awesome! And I love the addition of the chicken wire!!

  6. Hey! That looks great! Good ole' chicken wire, eh?

  7. Great idea and fantastic inspiration!!! ;)

  8. It looks fabulous. Love the chickenwire, and a mirror would be super also. The plates really finish it perfectly. Hugs, Marty

  9. Girl, you did a great job! Aren't you smart and talented!! Love...

  10. This is fantastic and certainly adds something a bit special to your blank wall. Thanks for sharing.

    Anne xx

  11. Very cool! I love the chicken wire and your table looks great too.

  12. Robin, You are just SO SMART!!! I love it and I would never have guessed that you made it. I really does look like a window frame that you have added chicken wire to.
    Thanks so much for the inspiration.
    Hugs, Cindy

  13. Robin I love it! You have mad skills with a jig saw it looks perfect! The chicken wire is the best part. I am inspired.

  14. Great idea. Even if your home is modern, it totally ads that country farmhouse feel. Well done.

  15. I love this project. I tried coming by yesterday to comment, but blogger was not cooperating. Good job!

  16. Your new window looks great and so is your tutorial. Love the plates too, adds that special touch. Thanks for stopping by Beach Cottage Good Life Wednesdays and adding your link.

  17. I could never figure out how to do this. My mind just doesn't work that way and I would try and do everything the hard way. Love it! And the fact that you made it round. Old round windows are hard to come by. You should make some and sell them. :) Have a wonderful weekend. xo

  18. Brilliant!! It looks so great! No one would know it wasn't an antique. I'm excited that if I can't find the perfect old window this year I can make my own!

  19. Wow! How fatastic! I love the chicken wire...great project!

    Fancy Frugal Life

  20. very creative and cute too!

  21. great project!
    thanks for how to's

    barbara jean

  22. Great idea you crafty girl! Love this project, it reminds me of a porthole window. May have to try this one out my friend!

  23. Love the window Robin! I also love the black sconce on the wall...and the urn on your table....and..okay, pretty much everything you have! Really nice and definitely farmhouse-ish!!

  24. your new art piece really does look like a vintage window frame...i love this idea and how you crafted it...well done and thank you for joining fridays unfolded!

    stuff and nonsense

  25. Robin that is absolutely fantastic! I could see that selling for big bucks at a boutique store. You really did a wonderful job and the entire wall is just lovely. :-) Thanks so much for linking this up to Inspiration Friday this week!

  26. OM Goodness,Robin! This is fabulous and so very creative of you. I love this project. Thank you for linking to my party this week.

  27. Aren't you the clever girl? lol! That window looks absolutely fabulous, Robin! Love that you took things into your own hands and created it yourself. You go, girl! :)

    xoxo laurie

  28. Wow Robin,this looks amazing! The chicken wire window and the surrounding white plates look beautiful against the yellow kitchen wall... you did a wonderful job! Thanks for sharing this tutorial. So sweet of you for stopping by and leaving a pretty comment for my candle post, thanks.Have a lovely week!~Poppy

  29. I like it. It really gave the wall character.

  30. I love the project ideas you come up with, Robin, and the fact you're generous enough to share how to do them! I'm getting ready to make a modified version of your wall mantel for my bedroom but I may have to add this project to my list too. Anything to incorporate some chicken wire into my house. :)

  31. Very cute! Looks great in that space. Mimi

  32. Oh wow! You have just made my day! I have been looking for a window too, but more of an arch shape... I see a solution thanks to you! What an inspired and clever idea!
    I love love LOVE your window project, the paintwork, the chicken wire and the plates with it on the wall are just so perfect....
    ....thanks so much for setting me off on a new pathway! X

  33. I love your window and the plates look so beautiful surrounding it! You are so creative and I love the jigsaw! :)

  34. just a note to tell you that i featured this project on fridays unfolded...have a wonderful weekend!

    stuff and nonsense

  35. Robin, this is perfect! I am so impressed!! Looks beautiful on your wall!

  36. That's a nice and creative way to use that old window! It's like a nice piece of art. You can stare at it for a bit while you're just relaxing around the room. That certainly beats a blank wall any day.

  37. FABULOUS!!! creative and wonderful...I LOVE it...wish I had one...just about to finish up a bathroom project and have a big old window ready to hang...just need to finish painting you have me wondering if I should put the chicken wire on it....thx for sharing...It looks great on your wall....Mariaelena


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