June 1, 2011

Oh How The Weeds Will Grow

I'm not sure how your spring has been, but here it has been unseasonable cold and very rainy.
Squeezing in gardening between rainfalls is tricky business. I'm transplanting and splitting most of my plants this year which is slowing progress even more.  

The past week I've been spending every available moment moving plants around the yard and have completely neglected the vegetable garden since it's been too cold to get anything started. 

While I've been turning a blind eye to that area it has exploded with weeds.  Big, thorny, nasty weeds - - and grass!  I still can't figure out why after four years I'm still pulling grass out!

Today was the day to pull on my gloves and tackle that weedy mess.

It looked like this when I started . . .



*sigh*  And more weeds

After a few hours of work it now looks like this.

Ahhh, so much better!

Tomorrow I'll start planting.

Oh and look, the peonies are looking good.  I've never had so many buds before. 

Here's crossing my finger that this will be the year I'll finally get them to bloom!

Have a great day,



  1. Ugg...wouldn't it be nice if there were no weeds. I guess it makes us appreciate the harvest even more when we have to work a little harder to get rid of the weeds.

  2. The peonies will surely bloom and be gorgeous! Your garden looks great!

  3. Weed pulling is no fun! Your garden looks great! :)

  4. Ugh, Weeds! I spend the first part of the summer pulling and then just give up. :) Your gardens are looking great and I can't wait to see your peonies bloom, they are so pretty!

  5. Hi Robin,
    That is what gardening is all about, weeding and weeding and more weeding!
    It will be a lovely garden once it warms up and quits raining so much, I'm sure.
    Hugs, Cindy

  6. those peonies will be out any day!!!! weeds are not fun.

  7. hi robin
    i am a new visitor on your nice blog.
    the peonies will be out in the next days.your garden looks great.
    have a nice day,

  8. I have a few vegetables and fruits in my weed garden. ;)

  9. Great raised beds, Robin...looks like those peonies will bloom!

  10. I can't imagine cold weather since we are up to 100 here in the South already. I love peonies! Those are going to be amazing!


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