June 7, 2011

Kids in the Garden and Ms. Piggy

The girls were checking on their carrots this morning and I couldn't resist the urge to snap a few pictures.  Aren't they so cute tending to their mini garden!

Tiny carrot sprouts is a cause for celebration.

Ms. Piggy is hanging out, just waiting to lend a helping hand.

Have you ever seen such and adorable watering can?

Zoe didn't like the fact that Ms. Piggies eyes and lips didn't stand out.  Quick work with a sharpie had her up to par.

Now if only I would have thought to pick up two Ms. Piggy watering cans.  All the fighting over whose turn it is could have been avoided!  Next time I'll know better.

Until tomorrow,



  1. cute pictures, i love the piggy watering can.

  2. Very cute, I love it when the kids want to garden. Carrots are so fun and rewarding, too.


  3. So adorable Robin and so rewarding for the munchkins to see something they planted begin to sprout!

  4. So fun to garden with the kids. Love your lilacs. Such a beautiful color! Mimi

  5. How cute! I guess they are past the point of pulling out the carrots before they are ready.

  6. We have a duck watering can. :) I, too, wish I had purchased more than one.

  7. Ahh...such cuties. I celebrated my carrot sprouts too!! It is so wonderful that you get your kids involved in your gardening...I think it's a wonderful life lesson. :-)

  8. Very cute Robin and I love Ms Piggy!! It is so fun to watch kids get so excited about what they can grow. :)


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