June 5, 2011

Lilacs in Bloom

For weeks I've been checking the progress of my one lone Lilac shrub on a daily basis. 
Waiting . . . hoping for blooms. 

I'd noticed the Lilacs around the neighborhood bursting with blooms weeks ago and yet mine just sat there, staring back at me.  I've watched as flowers slowly formed . . . holding my breath in hope that they'd open.  You see, I've been here before, three years in a row to be exact.  I've watched flowers grow only to be disappointed as they dried out before they could open. 

This year I've had high hopes!  More blooms have grown then ever before.  So I've waited . . . and watered . . .  and waited some more.  I watched as the lilacs next store began to fade.  Growing more concerned with each passing day, thinking to myself "maybe this isn't the year".   Despite my worrying I kept watering . . . and waiting.

One Friday morning a miracle happened!  One tiny flower OPENED!!!!  The others followed quickly and by Saturday they were in full bloom.

The scent was amazing.

It sure did make my weekend in the garden much more enjoyable.

Hope you all have a great week,



  1. Oh good for you, Robin! I also have lilacs this year, but not last year! Aren't they the most delicious smelling flower? I love them, mine are the same color as yours, too.
    Hugs, Cindy

  2. YEAH! I am so happy that they bloomed this your for you. :) I love lilacs and their scent is so heavenly! Enjoy your beautiful flowers my friend.

  3. They are beautiful! Mine never really burst out this year. But I'll just enjoy yours and hope mine bounce back next year.

  4. What prettiness! I'm waiting for mine still too. I have the Miss Kim variety though...I think they take longer :)

  5. Oh how exciting and totally gorgeous! I love it when you wait for something to flower and it lives up to your expectations!!!! X

  6. Your lilacs are beautiful!! I love mine too...the scent is just heavenly. Lily of the Valley is a close second though!


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