July 25, 2011

The Front Door

When it comes to the outside of my home, all my attention is focused on the gardens.  As I happily attend to the weeding, the watering, the dreaming I very rarely take the time to simple look around and wonder what visitors would think.  With this in mind, I grabbed my camera and started taking photos of the house without the focus being on the flowers.  What an eye opener!  It's amazing what you notice in a picture you wouldn't otherwise notice.
After pouring over the photos,  I've come to the realization that my front door area is boring - -
 Really Boring!
Desperate to add some interest A.S.A.P.  I headed out to the garage in hope of finding something - anything to help my poor negletced front door.
An old farmhouse chair, an enamelware bowl and a pack of inpatient's called out to me saying "we can help, we can help"
Weak and slightly giddy with relief, I arranged my finds next to the front door and am loving the results.

The chair is a recent flea market find.  Eventually a new coat of paint would be nice, but for now a quick bath was all that it needed.

Yep, that helped a lot.

Down-right cute I think!

Sure, it could use a little more attention, but it's hot out there right now!  So hot and humid a person starts melting at just the thought of going outside!

Maybe when it cools down a bit I could work on some of theses issues. . .

A door mat would be a nice addition too don't you think?

You can bet I'll be doing a lot of thinking about this area in the next week.

Any thoughts or suggestions - - because you know it's too hot to think right now!

see ya,


  1. I love the chair the way it is...looks perfect!
    Thank you, as I have a chair like this and never
    thought of putting it out in my front entry!
    You have given me a great idea!

    Flora Doora

  2. I love the chair and flowers that you added. My front door/porch is so icky right now and needs LOTS of help. I think that just little things like you have added look great. I really need to paint over my red door, might have to add that to the list this week unless it is too hot. :)

  3. How cute! The chair and flowers look so welcoming. Have you thought about a wreath or banner on the front door?

  4. The chair and plant in the enamel bowl looks wonderful, it's almost identical to mine! I need some real help with the rest of my front door, too, it's terribly boring. I need HELP!
    Hugs, Cindy

  5. The chair and the flowers were such a nice addition, Robin. My neighbor has a honeysuckle vine growing up the post on her porch and it looks so pretty. Clematis would be nice too, I think :)


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