July 20, 2011

Flowers for the Kitchen

Hi!  Remember Me?

Sorry my posts are so few and far between lately.  Summer is always such a busy time and I just haven't had the energy to keep up with blogging.  Not sure how the days and weeks are flying by since my to-do list mysteriously isn't getting any smaller.  Instead, the girls and I are spending  time together enjoying the summer.  Swimming and laundry seem to be all that I'm accomplishing.  But that's OK, projects can wait - - for now!

Any-hoo, moving on . . . today I thought I'd show you a quick project I finished for my kitchen windowsill.

I gathered up a few miniature bottles from my growing collection.  Strolled through the garden to clip a  handful of my favorite flowers ( pulled a few weeds too, just to convinced myself I haven't neglected the garden too much :)

Next, I plopped the flowers into the bottles, lined them up in a straight row and then added a stone found on our latest ATV trip just for fun.

 Ten minutes tops (ok maybe fifteen with "all" the weeding)  and the kitchen windowsill has a new look.  It's pretty too!  I'm loving it!

I fell in love with dill last year after picking up a bunch at the farmers market.  This year I'm growing my own.  These are the first to bloom.  The combo of yellow and green is SOOO  GORGEOUS
- I can't get enough!  I enjoy giving them a gentle sweep of the hand every time I'm at the sink.  I find the scent so refreshing.

Lakspur in varing shades of purple - again so pretty.  The vintage inkwell bottle is a recent find from our first camping trip this season.  Oh, and look - - there is the stone I was talking about.  I have a fasination with egg shaped stones so I'm always on the lookout for them when were out and about.


"Envy" Zinna's - -  someone was spot-on when naming this flower!

Isn't the color AMAZING!

I could look at this flower all day!

So there you have it - Quick. Easy. Pretty!

I love the fact that it fits right into the simple. breezy. casual. style I'm  working on spreading throughout the house.

Just for fun, since I had my camera out already, I grouped the dill, zinna and daisy's close together to see how it woud look.

I'm thinking you might be seeing an arrangment of dill and zinna's in the very near future!  I'm digging the colors together.

What do you think?  Is the combo a winner with you too!

see ya,



  1. Lovely pictures!!!! I like flowers from the garden.
    Hugs Tanja

  2. Those zinnia are beautiful. Such a pretty green.

  3. Hey Robin! Glad to see a new post from you--love how fresh and lovely your flowers look on the windowsill. The greens, yellows and purples really appeal to me, too.

    I hear you on not having the energy to blog during the summer. I'm posting much less as we have a lot going on here--and I figure there will be plenty of time for blogging once preschool's back in session in September. Enjoy your summer with your family!

  4. I love the zinnias! The larkspar purple with the green would look amazing together too!

    Summer is going by too quickly. It seems like the days are zooming by, and I'm trying to figure out what I'm accomplishing...pretty much nothing! lol!

  5. You know I love the flowers! Very pretty. Love the bottles, too.


  6. Super pretty. I love the zinnas. I bought some Envy zinna seeds...never planted them though :(

  7. Beautiful! I love simple little arrangements way more than big showy bouquets. I'll be planting some dill next year for sure. Mimi

  8. Oh Robin, those jars are so pretty! They look great with those sweet flowers! X

  9. Really, really pretty Robin! I love the look with the little bottles...so fresh and simple with the perfect touch of color!


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