July 13, 2011

In The Garden

With the hot, humid weather we have been experiencing the last week or so, it finally feels as if summer has arrived in Minnesota!  My garden loves it!

The veggie garden has decided it's time to grow.  It seems everything is doubling in size overnight.

Tomatoes are starting to flower.

Ms. J's salsa garden is looking good.

Maiden Pinks are in full bloom.

Ms. E's corn is looking great.

My "Envy" Zinnia are about to bloom.

Profusion Cherry Zinnia's and Gladiolus are taking off fast now.

Even the main backyard garden is starting to show some color.

The roses are blooming.

The Meadow Sage is also starting to bloom.

The pretty, cheerful daisy are just starting to open up.

Can't wait until they are in full bloom.

One white phlox is blooming.

So are the Hydrangea's - Oh this is a happy day!

But the prettiest spot in the garden right not is just outside the veggie garden.

The speedwell is in full bloom.  They don't last long but boy are they pretty like this.

Love them.

Hope you enjoyed this mini garden tour.  Talk to you soon,



  1. Beautiful garden Robin! Looks like you've been busy with your trees. Mimi

  2. Your flowers are beautiful! I especially love your roses! What a great color.
    Hugs, Cindy

  3. Everything is looking wonderful! My garden is doubling in size right now also. Can't wait for my tomatoes to be abundant.

  4. Your flowers look great. The weeds seem to be growing more than my flowers are!


  5. I have never seen the speedwell before. It is so pretty. Loved taking your garden tour with you!



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