September 28, 2011

Book Review: Summer House

Good Morning!  Today I have another book review to share. 
Terry John Woods "Summer House".
A lovely book filled with beachy inspiration.

Sorry the pictures are not the best.  My mother had picked this book up at her local libray and brought it along on a camping trip we took together back in July.  The photos, taken in a hurry as we were packing up to head home, I think turned out well enough to give you a resonable sense of how good this book is.

Terry Woods has another gem on his hands with this book. 
(The first book, "New Farmhouse Stlye" is a personal favorite of mine and I shared a review on it here.) 
If your looking for a casual, beachy (sometimes camp-y) look with strong farmhouse or cottage roots you won't go wrong checking this book out.  True to his stlye, Terry has kept the book simple.  Consantrating on beautiful photos and keeping the chatting to a minimum. (I sincerly wish more books were this way)

To give you an example of what you'll find inside this book take a look at some of my favorites.

Bright rooms filled with miniumal clutter.  I really like the collection of vintage clocks and the landscape painting.  Ok, and the dresser - - did you notice the drawer pulls?

This photo had me gasping for breath and running to show mom!
Simple -  stunning  -  very achievable don't you think.  I've been collecting small rocks for years and you can bet once I'm fairely certain my kids won't toss the rocks around the house (breaking who knows what)  I'll have a similar arrangement in my dinning room.


Speaking of gorgeous, look at this.
The dog painting is very unusual and caught my eye right away.  But the arrangement on top of the dresser I found had even more appeal to me.  I think the simple stack of plates topped with a soup tureen is genuis.  The collections of silver candlestick finished off the look nicely.  All togther the painting, ironstone and candlesticks produce a classic, uncomplicated look.

Since were talking Summer House what better item to add than boats.  How fun and easy it would be to make a few reproductions of these peite boats.  The kids would love it- mommy too!  Not to mention the hours of fun racing them down creeks or rivers.  This idea is going in the file for next summer.

I thought this next example would be the perfect way to add a little nautical whimsy to my home.

The book isn't all about the homes interior or just the summer for that matter.
Outdoors was also addressed.  I loved this example using a birdbath for something other an bathing birds. 

Holiday decor was also shown, I enjoyed the Christmas ones the most.
Like this urn filled with winterberry.

Or this bottle, wrapped in vintage tinsel and holding a glass ornament.

And finally, a matel incorporating two of my favorite things.  Ironstone and vintage family photos.

*Sigh*  This book is such a great interpretation of how I would love my home to look.  I'll be adding this book to my collection of favorites very soon.

Hope you have a great day, and I'll talk to you soon,


  1. That looks like a wonderful book, Robin, full of lots of great ideas. Hope you're having a good week ♥

  2. I will have to check that book out at the library. I like the rock idea also.

  3. What a great book! I love the ironstone with the photos, that is so beautiful and of course the boats!!! I will have to put this one on my list as well, thank you my dear!

  4. Love your book reviews thanks for sharing! Looks like a book I would really enjoy. The pictures on the plates is a cool ideas.

  5. That book has beautiful photos! I love the natural elements they incorporated. Thanks for sharing!



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