September 13, 2011

Here in Minnesota we're in the crazy, unpredictable stage of late summer.  When the days are still hot yet the nights are cool and you just know autumn is closing in FAST.

I figured I'd better get myself out the garden to take a few pictures or I'd by kicking myself come mid-January when I'm planning the next growing season.  Which gives me the perfect opportunity to show how a few hours in the garden every spring with a handful of seeds has given me armfuls of cut flowers all summer long.

The garden looked like this in May . . .

Today it looks like this . . .

Full and lush with lots of flowers for picking.

I planted a few things to eat - corn, tomatoes, cucumber, dill.

Mostly, I planted zinnia's.  Lots of zinnia's that love to bloom.

I have a few perennials like phlox and saliva also.  Any gaps were filled in with annuals like marigolds and small zinnia's.

I'm completely shocked the gardens looking as good as it is.  It's been sorely neglected this year with our busy summer schedule.  But it seems to have survived my neglect.

Have a lovely day and I'll talk to you soon,


  1. You certainly have a gorgeous garden. Won't be long now til it's covered in snow. Sorry. Mimi

  2. Your garden looks amazing and how nice to be able to fill your rooms with lots of freshly-picked flowers.


  3. Wow! What a bountiful garden! It's gorgeous.

  4. Wow! Your gardens always put me in awe! They look gorgeos!

  5. Boy, your garden is looking good. The next few days here are supposed to be cooler at night. I can't wait.

  6. You certainly have a green thumb, Robin! Your gardens filled in so beautifully! It's sad to say goodbye to the sweetness of summer, isn't it....?

    xoxo laurie


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