September 16, 2011

Kitchen Shelves

I haven't showed off the shelves in my kitchen for a while ( the last time was way back in December , here).  I've had a bit of a problem with this spot in the kitchen.  I'm never one hundred percent satisfied with the items I choose to display so I'm constantly rearranging, adding and taking away items. 

A month ago in pure frustration I decided to try again - and it worked.  I haven't changed a thing since that first day and  love it as much now as I did then.

 I had been collection clear glass bottles so I knew I wanted to use them plus I was craving more red in the kitchen.  I'd hoped that keeping it simple - clear glass with red accents - I might have better luck than in the past.

Glory, Hallelujah it worked!!

On the top shelf I added a red rimmed enamel dish propped up in the middle with two small milk jars in front.  Next I added a tall glass bottle found at a garage sale.  Followed by a canning jar with a glass lid and metal handle.

Don't you just love the texture a little rust can give?

On the bottom shelf I started with a favorite floral picture frame and a cast iron bird.

Next I added another canning jar and a small textured glass creamer.

On the other side of the frame I added a small milk bottle and another, larger milk bottle with a metal handle.  (I picked this out from Amy's Etsy shop and I simple LOVE IT)

What's not to love!  Here's a better look.

On the counter below the shelves I've add a collection of red books.  A glass sugar bowl and a galvanized planter with some faux boxwood.

And there you have it. 
Very simple, yet I hope stylish.  Regardless I love the look - you can bet I'll be keeping it just the way it is for a while longer.

Lesson Learned: 

I'm a simple girl - - best to not try to get too fancy LOL!

Hope you enjoyed,  talk to you soon,

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  1. oh - love the books and the beautiful frame!! :-)
    nice shelves as well! :-)

    have a nice weekend!

    Nora (from austria)

  2. I love the look Robin ~ your pop of red looks great! Sometimes it takes me a while to get a spot just right, but then you know it when you see it!

  3. My fav is the books and cup!!! Love it! Simple is good!

  4. This looks beautiful....loving the pops of red!

  5. Hey girl! I am with you, I like simple. I think simple is so often so much better. I love the look of the whole thing. So glad you like the bottle you got from my shop.

    Blessings to you, Amy

  6. Looks awesome. Simple is the way to go.

  7. You did a great job rearranging the shelves! We will be starting a kitchen mini makeover soon, and I already told my husband I want to move a cabinet and put open shelving up. I am hoping to put my plates and glasses up there. I am not sure if I'll like it, but I want to give it a try!

  8. I love your shelves, Robin; esp. with the pops of pretty! I need to get some shelving up in my kitchen, I really like yours...did you make them?

    Have a great weekend!

  9. What a cute spot in your kitchen to display some of your favorite things. I also went to see your Christmas display...Loved it too!! Have a happy day :)

  10. Very cute! Have you seen the grainsack towels at Target? They make me think of you when I see them, they have a red stripe down the middle with writing on them. I have two because they are so adorable but I really don't have anything red in my kitchen so they sit in the towel drawer. They would be adorable as pillows, too.


  11. Hi Robin!
    I love your white shelves and the vintage bottle collection you have going on here! Gorgeous!
    I'm your newest follower..and would love it if you came on over to my place sometime!

    ciao bella

    Creative CArmelinA


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