September 22, 2011

An Organized Kitchen Office


With the kids back in school full time I wanted to take the time to streamline the office area in my kitchen. You all know how quickly this area can get cluttered and out of control.
The finished result makes the kitchen look much more spacious.

In order to get the whole effect, take a look at where I started.


The overflowing bulletin board was useful yet a constant source of frustration to me.  It seemed to overpower the small wall and eat up visual space in the kitchen.

The counter top is a clutter magnet for anything and everything I'm too lazy to deal with right away.  Kids toys, parts of projects, returns, pet rocks  - - you name it.

Once it's all cleaned up it looks good.

The tiny wall looks so much better now don't you think?

I kept one of the magnetic strips to hold stamps, grocery list, shopping list and the like.

I added a wire mesh file pocket, thirteen dollars from Office Depot.  Simple folders were each labeled and hold things like gym schedules, reciepts, school calendars, permission slips, etc.  On the front I've used a binder clip to hold anything that needs to be taken care of a.s.a.p or outgoing mail.

I also kept the purse hook.  I love my purse hook.  Its so handy and helpful.  I think we should all have purse hooks.

A few small changes had a big impact on the kitchen.  And I'm loving it.

Talk to you soon,


  1. It looks so good Robin! I have one of those areas too in my kitchen, the dumping ground and it is so irritating! I have been looking for a better way to keep things organized.

  2. Oh, I so understand a cluttery mess of papers and such. It usually is my kithcen table that gets bombarded with junk..or maybe my could be my desk in the kitchen....but it's never the cabinet, or folders, garbage cans or places that it's supposed to be.

    I have a purse it...seldom use it...need to. :)

  3. Robin, I love the way you attacked the clutter problem. I definitely need to steal some of your ideas. I also have a bulletin board, and I think I'm going to get rid of it when we redo the kitchen. Love the purse hook too. What great ideas, and it looks so nice too!

  4. Right up my alley. I love organizing...although looking at my house right now, you can't tell! :)

  5. You've inspired me - I need to do a good clean up in my admin area - it just seems to get untidy so quickly! I love the idea of a hook for your handbag - I'm going to copy that one. x Sharon

  6. This is exactly what I have been working on too! When it's clean and organized it's such a great feeling. Plus I can finally find things when I'm looking for them. My area doesn't look nearly as cute as yours does, but it's in a "butlers pantry" area so luckily not too many people see it.

  7. Looks great Robin ~ it's such a good feeling to get things uncluttered and organized. I think I'll have to try that purse hook idea!!

  8. Much more orgainized! It looks great now. I love the purse holder. I'm afraid I would rip a large hole out of the wall if I tried to hang my purse on it ;)


  9. Robin, that's what I think. The best place for all office doings is the kitchen, but can also quickly become a mess. Your reorganization is fantastic. Now I'm sure - in my next house I want to have my headquater in the kitchen. Really!!!

    Enjoy the weekend


  10. I need me a purse hook! My entire kitchen counter area is my dumping grounds. I do need to get a little more organized.

  11. Great job Robin! I have a 1/2 dozen cluttered areas in my house and they need a cleaning like this!

  12. Very nice, it does look so much better now. I guess we each one have to find what works for us, don't we. I'm still trying to get there in my office room.
    Hugs, Cindy

  13. That looks so much better. I need to follow your lead, Robin. My kitchen is always such a mess. We get sooo much mail and it seems like there are always papers everywhere!


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