September 20, 2011

The Summer Bedroom

Good Morning!

Since the weather is changing so quickly here in Minnesota my thoughts have turned towards making the house more cozy.  Normally the first place I start is my bedroom.  Out goes the bright and airy spring and summer decor to be replaced with cozy reds. 

Mid-way through changing things up the realization that I had never shared this years look had me replacing everything and holding a quick photo shoot.

Lime green, lots of white and a touch of black were all that was needed to make the room bright and cheerful for the summer.

The  headboard shelf arrangement was keep very minimalistic.
(You can take a look here to see how I made the shelf)

The grouping in the middle gave the arrangement some height and a touch of green.  The artwork is a personal favorite, the hand painted number five is a completed project from the early days of blogging which I still love, and the tiny bell I borrowed from my daughters bell collection.

To finish off the arrangement I place two groupings of vintage clocks and two urns filled with faux ferns. 

Vintage clocks seem to be a staple in almost every arrangement I've done lately - - can't get enough!

The ferns introduced a nice texture, plus I like the contrast against the white.

Hope you enjoyed this impromptu post.  I'm hoping for some time this week to finish changing things up for fall and winter.  I'll be sure to share that also.

Have a great day,


  1. What a lovely room! So bright and cheery! You used one of my favorite color combinations!

  2. loving that black shelf in the white room! ~love~

  3. Great color combination of green and white. I love the black shelf too.

  4. oh I love it - so cool & calm! Can't wait to see how you cozy it up for fall! Fall is definitely here already isn't it?!

  5. That is lovely, Robin! Your headboard shelf is really inventive!

  6. What a a beautiful space!Simplicity and style.

  7. I am madly in love with the look of your summer bedroom!! The pops of green with the crisp white look wonderful. I never would of thought of adding black, but it looks great! It's making me think of adding some black touches to my living room. I have posted a link for this post on my facebook page.

  8. I love your bedroom,,,the shelf for a headboard is great ! and I love the color combination, so crisp and clean. Can't wait to see what you come up with for the next season. thanks for sharing.

  9. Love the look! Can't wait to see what you come up with for the new season.

  10. I love this Robin. Your bedroom is beyond beautiful!! You've inspired me to snaz up our room!!

  11. I love that color combination. Very pretty room.

  12. It looks beautiful! I love the color combination, so clean and crisp.


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