October 18, 2011

An Autumn Bedroom

With autumn in full swing I've turned my attention away from the gardens outside and more towards making the house cozy and warm.  I seem to start in the bedroom for some reason every year, I'm not sure why.  This year was no exception.
Out with the green of summer and in with the cozy red of fall.

To the bed I added a warm, fuzzy dark red throw to the end and two large throw pillows . . . one with a red stripe and one with a red floral.

One the shelf above the bed I added two lanterns, a few clocks, a touch of silver and a vintage Pepsi crate.

I've never used the crate to display small items before.  I find I like the look.

Inside the lanterns and footed silver dishes I've place flameless candles with timers to give the room a pretty glow once the sun goes down. 

To soften the look and add a touch of color, I've tucked faux leaves wherever I thought it looked nice.

On hubby's nightstand I place a grapevine wreath on top of an urn and added some more leaf branches.  The wreath does a great job of holding up the branches.

On the nightstand next to my side of the bed I placed a vintage book and leaf sprig on top. 

I'm loving the results in the bedroom and it's energized me to start on the rest of the house.
Have a wonderful day,


  1. Another wonderful post !! LOVE IT oxox

  2. it is beautiful Robin, I love the red touches. I think the bedroom is the first thing because I always think of snuggling in bed on cooler nights, it just feels so cozy. :) I had no idea the flameless candles had timers, so cool!!!

  3. Your bedroom is beautiful!! You have given me some great inspiration. I love to change things out for the different seasons, but our bedroom is a huge challenge, it is not an attractive room at all and I dislike it.` I would be interested in seeing what you have done for window treatments, mine are long drapes that look like nothing, hate it!
    Thanks for the look and the inspiration, perhaps I can do something pretty in my room after seeing yours.
    Hugs, Cindy

  4. I really like that shelf! Your room is very cozy and inviting!

  5. Oh, your room looks so nice and cozy, Robin. That throw on the end of the bed will be perfect as we turn towards winter. Burrr, wasn't it cold today?!

  6. looks great! love the crate on the shelf. thank you for your tips and encouragement on creating a slipcover!

  7. I think that shelf is so perfect for your room. My bed is in front of a window, so I can't hang anything above it. I have shelf envy.

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  9. I love the shelf above the bed! Those antique clocks are to die for! I just picked up my first Baby Ben the other day. I found you through Lisa at A Vintage Vine. I hope you stop by for a visit. Following you now!

  10. What lovely ideas you have! I must admit, I am sorely lacking in changing out the 'base' decor in my house for the seasons (i.e. pillows, throws, etc.) I decorate but don't change out the fabrics. Your room looks so warm and inviting!!

  11. when the weather turns blustery
    my thoughts always turn
    to cosifying my house too

    your bedroom looks
    like a delightful place
    to snuggle up
    on those chilly autumn evenings

    thanks for sharing at fridays unfolded!


  12. The colors really look warm against your whites, Robin. I like to add a few warmer colors, too, once it gets chilly. I love that shelf above your bed, too. Not only for decorating, but in place of a headboard.

  13. You have given me some great inspiration. I also enjoy to change things in different sessions. But there are lots of things in our room, it is very challenging. I would be interested in seeing what you have done for window treatments.

  14. Robin I love the mantel/shelf above your bed! Also so I do not over load ya with comments I really like your Halloween display in the bookcases! My boys would love for me to decorate for Halloween but I am a boring mom and just do fall.

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