October 17, 2011

A Weekend In The Woods

This past weekend the girls and I had the opputunity to attend my uncles annual ATV Rally at his cabin in the woods. 

All weekend long the girls were in pure bliss with cousins and friends to play with, rides to go on and endless fun to be had until they drop from exhaustion at the end of the day.  Mommy likes it just as much.  I had time to catch up with cousins of my own.  We spend hours huddled up around the campfire talking.

This year mom decided to set up a "Spooky Trail" in the middle of the woods to be discovered by unsuspecting ATV'ers.  The kids loved it.  The adults got in on the action too!  During one of the night rides, two of the uncles snuck off to hide in the woods along the Spooky Trail.   When the caravan of twenty plus ATV's wondered through they'd jump out and scare us half out of our wits.  It was a good time.

Since it was such beautiful fall weather we took many walks down the Spooky Trail.

Getting a close up view of things like . . .

witches . . .

bats . . .

skulls . . .

and pumpkins.

Mom even dressed up a few spooky friends which the kids gave names to.

This is Spooky Hunter.

Silly Guy.

Spooky Princess.

Pepsi Guy.

And Spooky Grandma.

I think they enjoyed it, don't you!

Enjoy your day,


  1. What a great time and I love the Spooky Trail! You are such a good mama. Your friends are so great and must have been a hit! Love Pepsi Guy! :)

  2. Spooky Princess would give me heart attack. Sounds like you had a great time.

  3. What a fun place for you kids to make some great memories!


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