January 30, 2012

Adding A Shelf

Over a year ago I updated our family room with a new wall color, curtains and a few pillows then called it a day.  Not much has changed since that time and I've been fine with that until lately. 
My goal this past month has been to cozy up the room, add artwork to the bare walls and make the room function better for the family.
The first wall I tackled was a large wall that also sports our fuse box and a few other quirky eye sores.  In an effort to draw the eye away from the unseemly spots I decided to hang a shelf to add more display space.  I already had a Ikea shelf I'd purchased a couple years ago that worked perfect.  In the future I may replace it with something a little more "farmhouse" looking but for now it's the perfect solution. 

I'm very happy with the result.
The vintage items on the streamlined shelf is good mix.  One that seems very classic to me.

On the shelf I placed a collection of metal boxes which I love.

I hung my homemade art just slightly above the shelf.

And filled the rest of the shelf with a collection of silver bells, an old camera and two lantern.

To help blend the shelf down towards the bead board half wall I hung two frames filled with vintage black and white photos I'd picked up at flea markets.

I placed my old washtub underneath the shelf to hold cozy blankets for snuggling on the sofa nearby.

The new addtions have added charm and a disctraction from the unsightly. 
Exactly what I was hoping for.
Hope you all have a lovely day,

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  1. Hi Robin ~ Your wall looks great! All of your items have so much charm and character. I was just reading a post at The Nester about what to hang on our walls and this was a perfect solution.

  2. I love it Robin! Your treasures are perfect and I adore that washtub. Love the pops of red.
    Have a great day!

  3. Hi Robin! I am so jealous of your washstand!

  4. Hey, Robin. The shelf and vignette you've created looks fabulous! I love the industrial look of the shelf combined with your farmhouse/vintage pieces. I LOVE mixing old and new together! Awesome job, girl! Much love, Lisa

  5. I love it!! Actually, I love everything on your blog!

  6. Looks great! I especially love the old washtub for holding blankets. I am going to have to look for one of those.


  7. Love your ideas ...looks great Robin. Your shadow boxes turned out great! Have a good week .

  8. we soooo like the same stuff - love the washtub (I keep towels in mind in the bathroom!) & those metal boxes are fab. nice!


  9. Hi Robin,
    Your shelf and contents on it are a beautiful addition to your room. I love the old camera and bells. The washtub and stand are great, I had not noticed them before, I have a soft spot for old wash tubs.
    Hugs, Cindy

  10. Very cute!! I love how you used all these great finds in the decor. Happy VTT

  11. A great way to show off your wonderful vintages collections. The shelf and art looks so nice. The wash tub is so much fun and the throws are the perfect thing to put in the tub. Good job.
    Hugs, Jeanne

  12. You're right, it's a very classic look! Great way to display your vintage pieces.

  13. I love how that all came together! Thanx for coming to party!

  14. I truly enjoyed your post and seeing all the great vintage things you have.

  15. Love it, Robin! The vintage goodies are just right on the shelf...and I love your artwork!

  16. Nice mix. It all looks very good. My mom has a small vintage quilt hanging over her fuse box. You don't even think about it being there (the fuse box). The quilt is in her living room colors and makes a nice transition to the hallway.


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