February 22, 2012

Candles, Candles and More Candles

What's my favorite time of the day?  So glad you asked.

It's that hour or so before I go to bed each night.
The kids are all tucked into bed and sleeping peacefully.

All the lights in the house are turned off and the living room glows from candlelight.

You'll find me most evening reading on my Kindle Fire snuggled up on the sofa, surrounded by flickering candles.  Relaxed. . . enjoying the silence around me . . . it's blissful.


  1. My favourite time of the day, too. I love the stillness...the glow of candlelight...the time to reflect and exhale. Beautiful post. Much love, Lisa

  2. Sounds absolutely wonderful, Robin! I wish I could enjoy candles. I am so paranoid about fire that I rarely light mine. Perhaps I need to get over that, and enjoy the blissfulness!

  3. It DOES sound blissful, Robin! Lovely photos...

  4. I love that time of day too. it's the best. i also love that quiet hour or so in the morning too when the whole house is quiet. i love to light my candles then too :)
    have a great and peaceful day!

  5. That's the beauty of the Kindle, you don't the lights on to read. My hubby reads in bed with his Ipad and he can continue to read if I nod off first.
    I love candle light, so soft and peaceful in the evenings.
    Have a wonderful day,
    Hugs, Cindy

  6. Reading a good book, snuggled up on the couch with candles flickering....sounds like a little slice of heaven to me!
    That fake plant you asked me about? I checked with another blogger who told me she had the same plant and it was from Michael's. Not sure if they are still carrying them, but it's worth checking out. :)

  7. Love that time of day too. Love that house lantern you made! Mimi

  8. love that time of day too when the munchkin and the hubs are asleep...my quiet time :)


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