February 17, 2012

House Lantern

Galvanized Metal House Lantern

From the first time I saw these amazing galvanized house lanterns I've been smitten.
Christmas  Zinc Tea Light Houses

Aren't they amazing. 

While at the thrift store I spied a small green, glittered metal house and snatched it up.  After sanding off all the glittler I painted it black. 

Once spray painting season comes around again I may give it a brushed nickle finish instead of the black.

For now, this tiny house is filling my need for one of those galvanized beauties.

Talk to you soon,


  1. Your little metal house is gorgeous, I have not seen them before now. They are delightful, aren't they!
    Hugs, cindy

  2. Those are so cute, Robin! They totally remind me of your glitter houses, except of course that they're not glittery. :)


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