April 17, 2012

Obsessed with Cutting Boards

I'm not quite sure when or how my obsession with cutting boards began . . . it just sort of crept up on me all quiet and sneaky like.

Have you ever had that happen? 
Your just strolling along, minding your own business then  WHAM!!!!  You realize your always on the lookout for more.

Realization dawned on me last week as I strolled through the aisle of my local thrift store and happened to glance into my cart.  It contained the usual suspects . . . white china, bits of tarnished silver, a few baskets and two flannel shirts . . . surprisingly it also held two small cutting boards.
Surprised as I was, with a grand total of $2.00 they were staying in my chart!

The first cutting board is tiny and adorable.  It will be perfect this summer for cutting limes for Margarita Fridays.

Until then, it lends a helping hand to the dog treats container in the kitchen window by bumping up the style meter a bit.

 Aren't these little doggie bones adorable? 
I like spreading them a round on the cutting board for quick access.

The second cutting board is a fun oval shape which I thought was unusual and pleasing.

I've used it all over the kitchen, but this morning I was up early so I set out some breakfast food on it for the girls.

I thought it was so pretty I snapped a few pictures before they could mess it up.  I'll have to do this more often just for fun.

Hope you have a lovely day,



  1. I have become obsessed with cutting boards too! I haven't any luck at the thrift store yet though. You lucky girl! :)
    Margarita fridays sound fun! I need to make plans to visit you this summer. ;)

  2. Love your bread boards Robin!! I have a couple of vintage ones myself, but they can be quite expensive at times. Your home is looking so lovely!
    Hope you have a wonderful week!!~

  3. Oh you always take the nicest pics. I just want to dive in the scene you have set.

  4. Robin,
    I too have an obsession with cutting boards.I am always on the lookout.Your settings look pretty.

  5. I come across the deep cut boards all the time in Texas at the thrift stores and for less than $1!

  6. lol! How DOES that happen anyway, Robin...?? lol! For me it was French body pitchers. Then grain sacks. Then French tole candelabras. Then white ironstone tureens. Do you think we need a 12-Step program....? lol!

    xoxo laurie

  7. I'm always on the lookout for a round vintage cutting board. All the ones I see cost sooo much though. I think when you do Margarita Fridays we'll need to see some pictures of that ;)

  8. I think they add lots of warmth to a kitchen. Also very handy thing to have sitting around. Mimi

  9. OK...I have the same dog treat container, with the same dog treats in it....sitting on a wooden cutting board! great taste!

  10. Gorgeous photos! Nothing like fresh strawberries. Yum!

  11. Oval boards like that are quite common here in the UK. They're bread boards, the groove catches the crumbs from slicing your bread on them.

  12. Beautiful vignettes! I think they are a great idea for your kitchen. You are very creative.

  13. Margarita Fridays? Can I come over? :P Love that vignette with the oval cutting board. Red, white and pretty!


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